"I was born and raised in the Midwest in the small city of Marshall, IL.  For the longest time, all I knew was corn fields, bean fields and cattle.  I was raised with a deep appreciation for classic music of all kinds.  Subjected to many legendary singers such as Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and Johnny Cash led to a well-rounded respect for multiple genres of music for me.  When i was younger, I would find myself wanting to dress like Elvis and sing various songs of his. I would attempt to entertain my friends after Boys Club basketball games by singing.  Either they liked it, or they were too nice to tell me any different!" 

"When my high school years were drawing to an end, I was asked to start a band by a friend of mine who was a trained guitar player.  This would come to be a turning point in my life.  After learning the basics of playing the bass, I soon found myself as the frontman of our three piece band.  I had never experienced the adrenaline rush and natural high that comes from doing what you're passionate about in front of large crowds of people.  It was definitely very crazy and almost scary at first.  The butterflies would come to subside for the most part, even though I still get them sometimes to this day."

"After playing with and parting ways with numerous musicians, I finally decided that I had found a love in the songwriting aspect of the music industry.  In 2015, I found myself surrounded by some great guys that made it very easy to write original material with.  The next thing I knew, we were in Whisper Studios in Kokomo, IN recording my first attempt at an album.  My EP "From The Ashes" would come from that effort.  It was an amazing experience!"

"Following the release of my freshman work, I had the amazing opportunity to open a show for the legendary Joe Diffie.  This really made me feel a sense of accomplishment and gave me a motivation to move forward with my career.  Shortly after this, I found myself making plans to move to Music City.  Nashville was slightly overwhelming at first, but I soon started playing songwriter rounds around the city and networking a lot.  Looking back, I wouldn't change a thing.  Since moving to the South, I've recently signed on with Winter Records and I've been doing radio interviews around the country and we're working on pushing a single."

"Do what you love and you'll love what you do."